Do you want to achieve a pleasant change in the look of your setup (house, office, workplace) in an affordable way? This is possible if you choose the right carpet that complements the setting, and get an accurate installation. However, a wrong choice that does not go with the ambiance or unprofessional installation will ruin the aesthetic feel. So, get the expert advice and carpet designs and installation in London at Parflooring.

How to choose the carpet?

At Parflooring, we offer a range of carpets that differ in color,quality and style. Therefore, confusion might overcome you while choosing the one for yourself. So, think of the following factors when you are going to make a choice.

  • Color:

Today, carpets come in neutral, warm,cool and solid colors or beautiful complementary or analogous color combinations. But not everything you like would be suitable for you. So, make a choice according to your taste and lifestyle. If the room is heavily used or there are kids who love to play down on floor, then you should not go for light colors. Furthermore, do not forget to consider room lighting and size. An already dark room would not suit a dark colored carpet. A small room can look large if you install light colored carpet, and you can achieve a cozy look by using dark colored carpet in large room.

  • Fiber:

You will come across numerous fiber options when looking for carpets. The most common one is wool. Wool has a luxurious touch and is quite durable. So, it is a great idea for high-traffic settings. Similarly, nylon also has durable properties and is less expensive than wool. On the other hand, polyester is highly stain-resistant, but it wears down very easily that makes it unsuitable for heavy traffic areas.

  • Purpose of buying:

This factor also determines the type of carpet you need to buy. An owner who plans on selling the house will try to stay as minimalist as possible, choosing neutral toned carpet. On the contrary, he would love to explore the variety if he is buying to recreate the overall look of his house.

Carpet installation:

We have got you covered either you need our services for domestic purpose or commercial setups. At Parflooring, we have an extensive selection and access to thousands of different rolls from the finest quality carpets from stain free twists, traditional or contemporary stripes. So, we are confident that we can supply the best carpet choice for our customers. But carpet will loose its beauty if there is untidy installation.

We are more than happy to visit your property to help you with your decision and offer competitive prices to make your choice easier. Our reliable installers make sure to leave your property spotless before they leave.

Visit our website to know more about us. We have all the contact and service details there. Checkout the gallery section to experience what we deliver. Do not hesitate to give us a call in case of query. We are offering the best carpet designs and installation in London that you would not regret trying. So, what are you waiting for? Drop by our garage. Happy shopping!