Par Flooring is running business in UK from over twenty years now. We have seen trends emerging and changing in all this time. We know what stayed along till now and what is going to leave a mark in future. Hence, this gives us hands on experience in offering you our services. One of our main services include vinyl flooring and fitting.

Vinyl flooring sheets provide seamless finish and a new look to your home at an affordable price. We use high quality and branded vinyl flooring and fitting. Moreover, our vinyl sheets are designed to give you smooth and textured service. Vinyl sheets certainly minimizes the noise and is superb if you have got little kids around.


Our vinyl sheets are water resistant. This allows them to prevent damage from moisture. Our team is specialized in vinyl flooring and fitting hence, our easy to install vinyl fittings are best to be used in a place where you can expect significant amount of moisture.

If you want vinyl flooring and fitting but don’t want to give your floor a ceramic look we also have vinyl tiles for you. Vinyl tiles provide a less static and clean environment. We offer variety of designs in vinyl tiles which allows you to play with variety of looks and unique patterns for your home. Vinyl tiles provide an instantly modified look giving impression of a high end flooring. Our skilled team recommends you to use vinyl tiles in commercial setting where heavy foot traffic is expected.

Apart from renewing your space vinyl flooring and fitting allows you to experiment with your theme and design. We offer variety of designs at affordable price. You save yourself quite a pounds after getting our services for vinyl flooring and fitting installation.

To get insight of our projects or to get free quote give us a call and book you appointment now. Meanwhile. follow our Facebook page to get more information.