Are you confused while choosing the appropriate flooring? Do you need something highly durable? Are you looking for a flooring that can bear high traffic at your commercial setting? Well, vinyl flooring is the best option for you. Par flooring is the right place for getting a flawless vinyl flooring in London.

Parflooring has been established for more than 20 years. We offer a range of vinyl flooring that we supply and fit for your convenience. Also, we offer a swift turnaround from start to finish with high-quality products. Our experts visit the property to help you with your decision. We offer the most suitable suggestions, considering your budget. Our reliable installers make sure to leave your property spotless before they leave!

Where to install:

  • It is great for kitchens and bathrooms – all thanks to vinyl’s water and stain resistance.
  • When you need cost effective and durable flooring solution for a large area to be covered.
  • Settings where there is high traffic
  • Homes where families live with kids and pets

Advantages of vinyl flooring:

  • Comfortable:
    Vinyl flooring is comfortable under feet, especially if you like to walk bare footed across your house. Moreover, people with kids and pets are usually sick of the noises. Therefore, they choose to install vinyl flooring as it plays a role in noise reduction.
  • Less expensive:
    Vinyl flooring is reasonable in terms of price as compared to carpets or laminate. So, imagine getting a range of vinyl colors and patterns with guaranteed durability at affordable prices!
  • Durability:
    Vinyl can easily last for 10 to 20 years. However, improper fitting or installation can cause damage your flooring affecting its life.
  • Stain and water resistance:
    Vinyl has a surface barrier i.e. wear layer that protects it from stains. If vinyl flooring is installed perfectly, it is almost impervious to water penetration.
  • Easy maintenance:
    Cleaning and maintaining vinyl flooring is quite hassle-free. Hence, just wiping with the cloth will serve the purpose in case of spills. Additionally, water, oil and chemicals do not penetrate into vinyl easily, so cleaning them right away can prevent any damage to flooring.

Vinyl comes in great variety including: vinyl plank flooring, floor tiles, sheet vinyl flooring, residential vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl flooring and commercial vinyl flooring. At our shop, vinyl is available with different textures, colors and patterns at highly competitive prices. So, you can easily find the one that complements the overall appearance of your space!

At Par flooring, we have a wide range of stock, so you will definitely find out something according to your choice. In addition, we believe in friendly and quick service. Hence, you will get your desired floor as soon as possible.
What are you waiting for? Visit our website to know more about us. Check out our gallery section to have a look at the variety of vinyl flooring that we offer in London. In case of any query, give us a call or request a call back. Drop by our showroom to get your favorite pieces at prices as low as 70% from high street prices!